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January 14, 2013

We are very honoured by Eastside radio in Sydney, who have made Big Creatures & Little Creatures album of the week!! Go here to have a look!! They are giving away one copy each day this week, so tune in!

Thanks Eastside radio!!!!!

Here is the full blurb:

“Eastside Radio’s Album of the Week is Big Creatures & Little Creatures by Murphy’s Law. After winning the PBS Young Elder of Jazz Commission in 2011, Melbourne double bassist Tamara Murphy set about an alternative and different project. Adding to her double bass came an electric guitar, drums, trombone and electronic soundscapes. The result was this quite brilliant album Big Creatures & Little Creatures.

From the album artwork, which has transformable covers that lets the owner play with them and choose how they want it to look; to the suite of 5 movements that the LP is made up of, the whole affair is modern and artistic.

Each movement on the album is designed to let each member of the quintet to showcase their different instrument. The result is a sound that sways between alternative jazz, neo classical and post rock. As such moods vary throughout, from lush ambience, fiery resonance and moody textures. Undeniably it’s a unique sounding and thought provoking experience.

Big Creatures and Little Creatures is an independent release by Tamara Murphy. For more information go to Stay closely tuned to Eastside as we are giving away a copy of Big Creatures & Little Creatures to a listener every-day this week!”

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